Los Angeles Port



FORECAST for San Pedro Channel on Monday, 03-16-2015:

Date    Time     Wind Dir.        Speed           Swells             Swell Height

3/16      05        NW 314         4 – 5            SW 12sec          1 –  3

3/16      11        NW 311         6 –  8           WSW 12sec      1 –  3

3/16      17        WNW 280     12 – 16          SW 11sec          2 –  3

3/16      23        WNW 309      7 – 10           SW 11sec          2 –  3

Transmission: Charles “Bud” Lung



Cal State LA Workshop

Speculative wearable objects created during a workshop with the Future Force Geo Speculators and California State University Los Angeles’ Fashion and Textile students.  The workshop explored collaborative making, and explorations of wearable prototypes for performing future personas for space travel, border excursions and the investigation of the Los Angeles landscape.

IMG_0095 IMG_6480 IMG_0171IMG_0193IMG_6509IMG_0137IMG_0203 IMG_0146 Download full PowerPoint of images here: fast and loose




AUDIBLE GALLERY at Experimental Sound Studio


A collection of prototypes of speculative souvenirs for unexplored geographies, which include flags, wall prints, work uniforms, and a broadside publication of photographs, texts, and patterns. Through this multi-faceted collaborative production we are negotiating the current territory of communication and identity formation through email, and Skype communications. Prototypes being produced are hybrids of the hand, digital and ‘factory.’

FUTURE FORCE GEO SPECULATORS is a collaborative group founded in 2013 by artists Carole Frances Lung, Ellen Rothenberg and Christine Tarkowski. Their impulse to form this collective stems from their common interest in the use of “textile” as a creative and social medium. Though each artist intersects with the material within their creative production, each capitalizes upon unique aspects of “textile” as cultural or historic carrier. Their themes of collective or individual exploration include: histories of textile and garment manufacturing from cottage industry to global production; craft/art/design dialog; social and gendered histories of labor; and textiles as surface, sculpture and architecture. The mission of FFGS is to function as an artist collaboration, which through research and production furthers the collective knowledge and output within this field.

FFGS’s creative practice engages in a pluralistic production research format. We value the physical process of hand and studio based making as well as project driven research to generate ideas and artistic solutions. Our terrain of output is variable in that we do not prioritize one form of making over another. Forms of output include architecturally scaled works, public proposals, propositional models and drawings, texts, performances, social actions, publications, and installations. We are interested in exploring the studios’ relationship to historical production, the interweaving of American craft and manufacturing traditions, utopic communities, notions of Sci-Fi Feminism, and the monumental relative to the inconsequential.

SALLY TIMMS is a singer best known for her long involvement with the mekons.  She has performed with Vito Acconci and Kathy Acker, occasionally writes crude broadsheets on popular culture and has directed several bawdy pantomimes at the Hideout in Chicago.

Listen for Sally’s audio companion work in the gallery. Sally gave a special performance at the REMOTE CENTRAL opening on 05.02.14

IMG_2852IMG_2840IMG_2855Remote_Central_0121_smallRemote_Central_0002_smallIMG_2902IMG_2916img_2944(2)Remote_Central_0375(edited)smallimg_2990011_SallyPerformanceWatch Sally Timms’ Performance HERE!


Speculation: CARPA

SI Fi Feminist Proposal Image SI Fi Feminist Proposal Image

At the direct request of The Craft Research Agency, the SciFi Feminist Utopian Action Cadre proposes a three-part field deployment at Camp Carpa during the testing period October 16-19.

The deployment will be located at a critical juncture in the dessert terrain with vantage points for surveillance of the following settlements: Camp Carpa and the Afghan Village.  Countering a singular internal focus their mission includes the construction of viewing platform prototypes (code name: Blind.)

The second series of Future Force Amazon Warriors joint maneuvers will be geared towards visibility: the development and production of dazzle camouflage uniforms amplified in the structure of the Viewing Platform’s graphics.

A series of training actions (code name: Hit With the Left) under different temporal and climatic conditions will be rehearsed during the testing period October 16-19 with the engagement of ground troops in the vicinity of Camp Carpa.

Preparation for future events and contingency measures will be developed on site. Special agent Desmond Pope-Tarkowski  (code name D.E.S.) will be engaged periodically throughout the mission.